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Introducing SaneNoReplies-Never Forget to Follow Up on an Email Again

We're excited today to bring our latest feature out of beta and share it with all SaneBox users, free, no matter what your plan is. Considering the fact that the average person sends and receives 122 business emails per day, it's easy to understand why recipients sometimes miss emails and why senders forget to follow...

Automatically forward emails to your favorite apps and teams

We've teamed up with Any.do, Evernote, Expensify, Todoist, and many others to bring you simple (and simply awesome) email forwarding. Meet SaneFwd, an easy way to automate email forwarding to your favorite third-party apps and team members. You may have noticed the beta version of SaneFwd in your dashboards over the past couple of months.

New: View Resumes Like Never Before!

I never thought I would say, "Whoa, awesome!" about viewing resumes, but the ZipRecruiter team recently proved me wrong when it rolled out resume parsing. True to our brand, we dubbed the new feature ZipResumes. ZipResumes makes it super simple for you, the hiring manager, to scan through dozens of resumes and quickly identify the information you need.

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SaneBox Releases SaneConnect to Help Employees Find Warm Introductions With a Simple Search

(Press Release) SaneConnect analyzes your team's email network to identify who has connections at other organizations and how strong those connections are. BOSTON, October 20, 2015 - SaneBox, the company that restores sanity to your inbox, announced today the launch of a new product: SaneConnect. SaneConnect is a fast and easy way to identify which...

Magazine Editorial

South Bay DIGS
Prefab Homes

In case you couldn't tell by their skyrocketing popularity over the past decade, prefabricated homes are not what they used to be.

South Bay DIGS

One of the most important modernist architects of all time, Richard Neutra is known for his ability to blend art, design, and landscape into spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

South Bay DIGS
Fab Finds: Home Entertaining Trends

Between now and January 1, most of us will entertain more than the rest of the year combined. Host seamless, stylish holiday parties with our favorite home entertaining trends.

Real Estate Advertorial

Shorewood Living
Ultimate Beach Homes: 1904 The Strand

Attention to luxurious detail is the theme of this Venetian Palazzo home perched high above the sand in Manhattan Beach.

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It's Time We Stop Letting Email Ruin Our Productivity

I think a lot of us have a bad relationship with email. Be honest, how many times have you spent all day in email, feeling productive, only to realize later that you haven't accomplished anything meaningful? I know I have. We compulsively check and manage our email, wasting valuable time on things that don't matter....

Stop Responding to Every Email—Here's Why

Yes, we’re talking about legitimate emails. Just because you receive a message from a real person does not mean you need to respond to it, at least not right away.

Email Marketing Wall Of Shame 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

We've all been there. You buy something in-store and request an emailed copy of the receipt. Later that day, you sign up for online bill pay, book a weekend outing, and finally sign up for that social network you've been holding out on.

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A Day At ZipRecruiter (a.k.a. Why I Love My Job)

I know what you're thinking: "You're biased, Rachel. Everyone says that in their company blog." You're probably right. That's why I'm not just going to tell you; I'm going to show you.

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